The Smileys of the World : Filmmaker's Journey :: Life After My First Short Film
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The Smileys of the World

by Sabina Shamdasani on 05/26/11


I wanted to take a moment to share with you a short story.  So, wayy back when my buddy Ben told me I needed to have a blog for the movie 'Dada Ji', I really did scratch my head and wonder who would read it.  But given the fact that Ben is totally hip & in the know about stuff like this, I decided to give it a shot. 

It felt a little strange at first...who was I writing to?  Who was reading this?  Anyone?  Mom?  To be honest, I didn't even think Ben was reading (LOL, yeah right, Ben reads this, don't you Ben?  Uh, Ben??)

Anyway, after writing my 6th blog entry, someone wrote in!!  A mysterious person who shared only good vibes & encouraging words, left no name but instead signed off with a smiley face. 

I don't know who smiley face is...or Smiley, as I'm now referring to this person, (unless otherwise instructed), but I know one thing, Smiley always has good things to say to me.  Smiley tells me things like, "Follow your heart" and " I hope you keep inspiring young generation", and you know what, it really encourages me.

I won't lie, we all get down on ourselves sometimes..."Is my project good enough?  Did I do my best?  What can be better?" etc, and while that critical voice does have a purpose, sometimes it feels good not to listen to it.  Sometimes, it's better to listen to the voice that says, "Dadaji, is amazingly lovely! it did bring tears and smile..a very good message! And a very loving film."  That is Smiley's voice. 

So I encourage you, as much as you can, listen to the Smiley's of the world.  They are the ones with a positive light, an encouraging voice to keep you going. 

And one more thing...don't just listen to the Smileys of the a Smiley in this world.  Give encouragement where you can, let someone know that you believe in them when you can.  After all, you're not the only one out there trying to pursue a dream right?

Thank you Smiley for taking time out of your day to share encouraging words with me, it really does mean a lot.

Comments (2)

1. The smiley in the world. said on 5/31/11 - 11:00AM
Hello again! Thank you for dedicating words of appreciation towards the smileys of this world. I am honored :) I once remember someone lifting me up from the times, when i couldn't lift myself to move forward. But the words of encouragement came really in a sentence from a acquaintance, that rang a bell of hope in me. And I did get the message behind it. I only know now focus on what's best and make it better! If you can't make any thing better, don't make it worse. Just, Leave it upto the Universe! Thanks again for all your kindest words. It does encourage me to know, that I helped you in someway. I am sure, you will pass along the encouragement you have received to someone in need. Wish you luck my friend.
2. Sabina said on 6/3/11 - 06:18PM
Thank you for sharing your story. Isn't it funny how people and messages come to us exactly when we need. That's the Universe doing it's thing, I know when I try to force something it usually doesn't turn out the way that I want. I'm trying to put my focus on doing my best at something and not so much at the result, because the results are in the Universe's hands... Its a wonderful feeling that someone out there who doesn't know me is sending positive light my way. Smiley, your encouragement has helped me more than you know :) Thank you for that!

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