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A Free Pass :)

by Sabina Shamdasani on 04/17/11

Sooo, it's been a long time since my last entry...months even!  Sorry for that, I really should be better about blogging  but now's no time to get down on myself, so I won't :)  Especially because I have some really exciting news to share!!

So for those of you who've been wanting to see the movie 'Dada Ji' but too scared to buy the DVD (you know who you are ;), we decided to put the film up on Youtube - for FREE!  All you have to do, is click this little piece of text below, or copy and paste it into your browser: 


In a few days we'll be putting the word out to the masses, but I wanted to let you know first - simply because you're taking the time out to read my blog...and because of that, well, you should know first!

Oh, and yes, we'll still be offering the DVD with bonus features for those of you who want a more tangible experience :)  Meanwhile, though, please do enjoy the freebie online, and just so you don't have to scroll up...here it is again:


Click, watch, enjoy!

Comments (2)

1. :-) said on 5/26/11 - 08:49PM
This movie was light hearted and I am glad you shared it on here. A story book for every child in the form of movie! Dadaji, is amazingly lovely! it did bring tears and smile..a very good message! And a very loving film.
2. Sabina said on 5/26/11 - 09:28PM
Hello :-) !! Glad to hear from you! What a wonderful comment!! I am amazed that someone out there took the time to write such encouraging & positive words. You know, time and again you've written such sincere messages on my blog :-), it means a lot to me and yet, I don't know your name. Can I call you Smiley, since you always sign off with a smiley face? If it's alright with you...I'd like to dedicate my next entry to Smiley :-)

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